Pet Supplies

Your dog is part of the family so why not give him the very best dog food? We carry entrées from Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals. Dry entrées include Whitefish & Potato, Salmon À La Veg, and Chicken ?? La Veg. Can entrée flavors include Duck, Tuna and Chicken. Fromm’s entrées are made with love and care using superior grains, fresh produce and selected, trimmed and cooked meat and fish. Ingredients are inspected and tested human-grade quality, verified by the USDA & FDA.

Dogs like treats, and Dingo brand chews and treats will have your dog begging for more. Dingo treats offer full flavor and provide excellent teeth cleaning and gum conditioning. As the saying goes, “A Dingo-A-Day keeps the dentist away.”

Life isn’t just about food and treats, so you might want to pick up one of Tuffies Soft Dog Toys. We have a great selection of these durable toys including soft Frisbees, bones and rings.