AnnualsWhy plant annual plants in Wisconsin’s abbreviated warm weather? Because they’re beautiful! Annual plants add color and drama to your garden. From the vivid color of pansies and vibrant yellow and gold of the Marigold to the eye-popping purple and pink of the petunia and stunning reds, corals and pinks of the geranium, annuals are a great addition to any garden and are the staple of container gardens. Bayside Garden Center has an exceptional selection of annuals and all the garden tools and supplies you’ll need to keep your garden beautiful.

Among the many annuals that grow well in Wisconsin, you may want to try the following:

  • Alyssum – tiny white and purple flowers that bloom all season, 4 – 5 inches high – sun
  • Begonias – great for containers, along walkways and in flowerbeds – full sun to part shade
  • Coleus – great for border and container gardening, colorful leaves, easy to grow
  • Cosmos – vibrant flowers, 1 to 4 feet in height, great cut flowers – full sun
  • Geranium – beautiful range of colors, great for beds or containers – full sun
  • Impatiens – easy to grow, a prolific bloomer, brilliant colors – full or part shade
  • Marigolds – soft to bright yellow to vibrant oranges, beautiful in beds, containers or borders – sun
  • Nasturtium – rich colors, work in containers and flowerbeds – full sun
  • Pansy – a surprisingly hardy plant for spring that blooms all season – full to part sun
  • Viola – delicate pansy-like flowers, great for beds and containers – full to part sun
  • Zinnia – easy to grow, bright colorful blooms – sun

AnnualsRemember to deadhead your plants to keep them blooming throughout the season. And if you’re planting in containers, check the soil for moisture as they do dry out more rapidly than your in-ground garden.