Small Fruits

StrawberriesThere is nothing like fresh strawberries off the vine. And there are many other small fruits that are relatively easy to grow in the Wisconsin climate. Bayside Garden Center carries a selection of small fruit plants that will provide delicious, nutritious fruit for your enjoyment including strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, red and black current, gooseberry and grapes. All you really need is a nice sunny location for your small fruit plants and a healthy appetite.

We carry a number of strawberry varieties that are well suited to our climate. Strawberry plants are either June bearing or ever bearing and each type needs fertilization to produce the healthiest crop. Apply nitrogen to June bearing cultivars when the plants begin to form runners (normally mid-June), and again in early to mid-August. Ever bearing cultivars prefer fertilization monthly while they are in flower or fruiting. And ammonium nitrate is recommended.

When the berries are ripe, enjoy the fruit of your labor and pick away! Berries should be picked as often as every couple of days and should be refrigerated to extend storage life.

GrapesGrapes are not just for sunny California vineyards. The Wisconsin climate supports many varieties of grapes. Site selection is a key for grape vines as you need sun and space for the vines. The vines must be supported with a fence, trellis or the like. Spring is the ideal time to plant. A soil pH of 6 to 7 is ideal. Generally a nitrogen fertilizer is recommended annually, however if your soil tests with a pH above 7.0 ammonium sulfate or urea is a better choice.

Download our standard inventory of Vegetable Plants (PDF).