Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs are the foundation of almost any landscaping project. At Bayside Garden Center you will find a wide variety to choose from. Our landscaping experts can help you select the best specimens for your environment. We can also take care of delivery and installation if you choose.

Trees, shrubs and other plants are great energy savers as they lower local air temperatures by transpiring water and shading surfaces. Because plants can lower air temperatures, shade buildings in the summer, and block winter winds, they can reduce your energy use and cooling costs.


Evergreens are a wonderful addition to your landscape. Even in Wisconsin snows you can enjoy something green in your yard. Not to mention evergreens are simply beautiful trees. They provide excellent privacy, provide shelter for small animals and birds in winter, and are relatively fast growing and insect resistant.

Bayside Garden Center has a wide selection of evergreens that are well suited to the Wisconsin climate. We can help you select the perfect trees for your yard and provide information on care and maintenance.

Spring and Fall are the perfect times to plant evergreens. After the ground thaws in spring you can plant your trees and bushes and then have the summer to get established. Fall is also a great time because evergreens go dormant in preparation for winter. If planting in summer look for trees that are established in their own ball of soil so they don’t experience thermal shock.

Download a Growing Guide for Evergreens carried by Bayside Garden Center (PDF).

Shade TreeShade & Ornamental Trees

Shade and ornamental trees add beauty to your yard. Birch, Maple and Oak provide towering, majestic splendor and are well suited to the Wisconsin climate. Shade trees can help keep air conditioning costs down. And of course sitting under a shade tree is almost a rite of summer.

Ornamental trees generally refer to trees of 25 feet and under that feature blossoms in spring, stunning colors in fall, or unique bark or foliage. Ornamental trees include Lilac, Redbud, Magnolia, flowering Pear and Serviceberry – just to name a few.

Download a Growing Guide for Shade & Ornamental Trees carried by Bayside Garden Center (PDF).

Fruit TreeFruit Trees

Fruit trees offer spectacular spring blossoms and then provide nutritious fruit for you to enjoy in season. Bayside Garden Center carries a wide range of apple and cherry trees in addition to Peach, Pear, Apricot and Plum varieties that are best suited to the Wisconsin climate. With proper care, fruit trees will grow and produce for many years.

Download a Growing Guide for Fruit Trees carried by Bayside Garden Center (PDF).

Shrubs and Bushes

Shrubs are a staple in landscaping. They can create additional privacy, hide foundations or utilities, accent a path, driveway, or doorway, and provide food and shelter for desired birds and wildlife. Some Shrubs are create a wonderful ground cover.

ShrubMany varieties of shrubs showcase stunning displays of flowers and then offer berries and colorful fall foliage. Evergreen bushes are also a great choice, adding color year round. Evergreens can be pruned to maintain their individual shape or shaped into hedges for privacy or shaped as a landscape design element.

Download a Growing Guide for Shrubs and bushes carried by Bayside Garden Center (PDF).